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Alexey Botvinov - president of the festival
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September 6, 2020

The next day after the program “Air. Baroque Journey”, where Daniel Hope had destroyed all stereotypes about sound of baroque music, he had a completely different concert in our Opera House; it sounded chamber and deep. The compositions by Schnittke, Silvestrov, and Grieg were performed...


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Dialog between musicians, dialog with audience, dialog with yourself

August 11, 2020

Maksym Kutsyi opened the Odesa Classics International Classical Music Festival


The head of the Odesa regional state administration Maksym Kutsyi opened the Odesa Classics international festival of classical music.

“This is a special event for Odesa region, because for two weeks we have the opportunity to enjoy the magical music and art of world-class stars. Personally, it is very significant for me that the opening of the festival took place in the Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, which has already started a new theatrical season after a long forced pause" Maksym Kutsyi said...


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News of the Odesa State Regional Administration

Aargauer Zeitung
17. Juni 2019

Wie in den letzten Jahren wird der Pianist und Gastgeber Alexey Botvinov am Eingang des wunderbar renovierten Opernhauses – das Meisterwerk der Architekten Fellner und Helmer – stehen und jeden Besucher so herzlich begrüssen, als ob dieser ein Stammgast wäre.

Dabei ist das Klassikfestival in der ukrainischen Hafenstadt am Schwarzen Meer noch jung.

Der Pianist hat Odessa Classics 2015 zu einer Zeit gegründet, als der bewaffnete Konflikt in der Ostukraine aufflammte. «Plötzlich war der Krieg da», erzählt Botvinov und spricht von seinem Schmerz und seiner Trauer über die vielen Menschen, die gestorben sind...


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«Odessa soll zu einem Salzburg für Osteuropa werden»

06. Juni 2019

Das Odessa Classic Festival, vor fünf Jahren von Alexej Botvinov gegründet, soll an das ehemalige lebendige Kulturleben als private Initiative anschliessen und der heimischen Bevölkerung international erfolgreiche Künstlerpersönlichkeiten vorstellen sowie auch die internationale Anerkennung der Stadt als bedeutendes Kulturzentrum der Ukraine wieder generieren. Mit grossem Einsatz arbeitet der in Odessa geborene Pianist an dieser Aufgabe. Bekannt ist er als ausserordentlich einfühlsamer Begleiter von modernen Ballettabenden des Choreographen Heinz Spoerli geworden, seine Interpretation der Goldberg Variationen sind legendär. Seine persönlichen Kontakte ermöglichen ein ansprechendes Programm über zehn Tage jeweils Anfang Juni zu kreieren. Ein vielbeachtetes Open Air Konzert auf der berühmten Potemkin Stiege, welches alljährlich bis zu 10.000 Besucher begeistert, gehört dazu wie ein Klavierwettbewerb...


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Odessa Classic auf dem Weg zur internationalen Kulturdestination

Fashion Luxury
May 14, 2019


Odessa – the pearl of the the Black Sea – is going to present its fifth edition of „Odessa Classics”. After huge successes of the previous years this International Festival is developing as a high level European Festival with worldstars of classical music as Daniel Hope, Cyprien Katsaris, Mischa Maisky, Zürcher Kammerorchest and many others. Concerts will take place again not only in the concert hall of the Philharmonia Odessa but also in in one of the most wonderful Opera Houses in the world and including an amazing open air concert on the famous Potemkin’s stairs...


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13. Oktober 2018


Alexey Botvinov, Festivalgründer am ukrainischen Schwarzmeerhafen, enthüllt die Reize der vielleicht europäischsten Stadt der ehemaligen Sowjetunion.

Daniel Hope: Alexey, du bist Gründer des Odessa Classics Festival in der Ukraine. Erzähl uns davon! Alexey Botvinov: Der Impuls war, ein Festival auf europäischem Niveau zu schaffen, Odessa auf die Landkarte zurückzubringen. Der Grund dafür ist offensichtlich: Die Ukraine ist ein junger Staat, den es erst seit der Auflösung der Sowjetunion im Jahr 1991 gibt. Der Austausch zwischen Europa und Odessa war für zwei Jahrzehnte gestört. Dabei haben wir exzellente Künstler und Veranstaltungsorte....


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Odessa ist ein versteckter Schatz!

June 11, 2018

More than 20 thousand guests visited the concerts and another events of the festival ODESSA CLASSICS


The IV International Music Festival ODESSA CLASSICS has finished in the Odessa region. In ten days it was visited by more than 20 thousand people. The final concert was Sergei Rachmaninov's Evening of Music, performed by one of the best celloists of the world Antonio Menezese, violinist and conductor Michael Guttman, as well as a pianist and People's Artist of Ukraine Alexei Botvinov.

"This was an unsurpassed festival. It's hard to describe the words you feel when you hear familiar musical compositions performed by world-class stars who have been invited to ODESSA CLASSICS. I want to thank all the musicians who came to the Odessa region, as well as to all spectators - for watching these actions ten days watching their breath. Thank you very much to the president of the festival, Alexei Botvinov, for taking me this event a year ago. I am sure that the fifth festival will be even more extensive" Maxim Stepanov said...


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News of the Odesa State Regional Administration

Business Ukraine
May 19, 2018

Music festival aims to return Ukraine’s Black Sea port city to the European cultural map


Ukrainian classical pianist Alexey Botvinov is an infectiously enthusiastic character who seems curiously immune to the default pessimism more commonly associated with many of his compatriots. “They say that the phrase “may you live in interesting times” is actually an ironic curse, but I never saw it that way. I even enjoyed Perestroika,” he quips. That this sunny disposition has survived the traumas of the post-Soviet years is in large part thanks to the endless inspiration Botvinov draws from his home city of Odesa.

After completing his musical education in the twilight of the Soviet era, he joined the early 1990s exodus of classical performers fleeing the wreckage of the USSR. However, after a few years of comfortable exile in Dusseldorf, his nostalgia for Odesa proved too strong and Botvinov returned home. “Cultural life in the early years of Ukrainian independence reached rock bottom, with empty theatres and dangerous streets that even made it difficult to attend events, but I felt that I simply had to renew my connection with Odesa. This connection makes me strong and inspires me.”


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CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: Odesa Goes Center Stage

The Odessa Review
July 7, 2017

Alexei Botvinov is widely considered to be one of Ukraine’s premiere pianists, and one of the greatest performers of the works of Sergei Rachmaninoff in the entire world. He founded the International Odessa Classics Music Festival in 2015.


The Odessa Review: So tell us about the festival itself, and maybe about any favorite composers or themes? What makes this festival special and gives it charm?

Alexey Botvinov: This issue should be understood exclusively in the context of European culture — what distinguishes one festival from another. In my opinion, we don’t have a single classical festival in the whole country which would correspond to European notions of quality. Therefore, the first thing is to create a festival in Ukraine that corresponds to the European context. The second thing is to acquaint our public with modern trends. We can not focus on, for example, Romanticism or anything too specific. For now, we have a very general task — to make a festival of a high European level and to try to connect Odessa with Europe in the musical aspect...


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A Conversation With Alexei Botvinov, Music Director And Pianist
June 16, 2017

All participants noted a decent concert halls and demanding, but appreciative audience. On four stages – the Odesa Philharmonic, the Odesa Opera house, Literary Museum and on the deck under the open sky on Lanzheronovskaya – made musicians from Germany, UK, Belgium and different cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv, Odesa). During the week the festival played about 18 hours of music – the world classical and jazz and Klezmer and the music of contemporary Ukrainian composers...


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In Odessa ended III international music festival CLASSICS ODESSA, which took place from 7 to 13 June.


June 23, 2015


"Odessa Classics". Beginning
«European festival–for the European city». This motto of the First international festival of arts of Odessa Classics reflects both idea of the project, and the concealed dream of most of inhabitants of Odessa–to feel at last - that residents of the European city. And business here it is rather not in political accession to the European Union, and in desire of worthy life, in special Odessa pride.
Brand «Odessa» it is quite unique in essence. A few cities in the world for so short historical interval of the existence could declare themselves so loudly. And if in the Russian-speaking world Odessa–the capital of humour, in the big world Odessa–it first of all brand of classical music. I as the professional musician who visited more than 40 countries of the world with concerts perfectly know it–also I am proud of that the inhabitant of Odessa. The truth this pride generally visits me on the next tours when I discuss uniqueness of the Odessa pianistic or violin school with the foreign colleagues. And this talk is always easy and pleasant as colleagues in everything agree and doesn't challenge me–the whole assembly of great musicians - inhabitants of Odessa led by the great three «Richter - Gilels - Oystrakh» is airtight argument. And if to rummage, at kind 90% of the leading violinists of the planet is musical «Odessa roots». That is–Odessa has a unique brand. And as far as it is used by the city? I would tell–at most for some percent. When I am at home–reflections about concept of the Odessa cultural brand often lead me to unfavourable thoughts that the brand remained the myth which can disappear already soon. Actually for the last decades Odessa steadily rolls down in a bog of cultural provinciality. Inhabitants of Odessa very much don't like to speak about it aloud, but any person though a little familiar with life of the European mother countries, will easily confirm it...

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June 22, 2015

Music, theater, poetry, and history
At the First International Music Festival “Odessa Classics” in Southern Palmira
The inspirer and art director of the festival, pianist Oleksii Botvinov united classical and avant-garde music, theater and poetry, modern art and history in one event. The opening concert took place in Grand Hall of the Philharmonic Society, where Paata Burchuladze, a famous Georgian bass singer, performed to the accompaniment of the Chamber Orchestra conducted by Ihor Shavruk. At the concert the representatives of the local government were present, in particular, the head of Odesa Oblast State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili, reportedly by press service of the Odesa City Council. A real feast for the connoisseurs of classical music was the performance of Belgian violinist Michael Guttman and pianist Aleksey Botvinov, who performed the works by European Romanticists Johannes Brahms (Scherzo for piano and violin) and Cesar Franck (Sonata for violin and piano), as well as the music by legendary innovator Sergey Prokofiev (Sonata No. 2) and contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Paert (minimalistic “Fratres” for violin and piano)...

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